Psychedelic, I See?

everett and i went up the the roof of Shrum to take some pictures.
it’s fun living on the top of a mountain where the fog doesn’t come and gives you the most spectacular views in the world.
i’m also feeling a lot less insane in the memBrain lately. which is good. this is more fun than wanting to throw and break shit.

current mood: “Production” by I Mother Earth

5 Thoughts.

  1. I can’t believe how nice it’s been on campus through this fog! I used to live in rez (good ol’ Shell House) in 1998 and we always had it the worst up there…fog, rain, sleet, snow, (we were often snowed in) and OFF the hill is where the nice weather was! So you’ve lucked out living there now and not back then!!

  2. wow pat the “man” and a naked chick commenting on your blog. its a big day isnt it. are u dancing right now? …cuz i would be.

  3. ej I’m assuming you’re referring to me as the ‘naked chick’ but as you can see I am blue and cartoony, I’d hardly call that naked 😉

    But I’ll join in on the ‘big hippie parade dance fest’ just for the hell of it!

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