They Glow?

greatest candy ever. star wars themed m&m’s that glow in the dark.
they will tide me through a day of studying KIN 140.
one more midterm to go, then it’s back to projects. before projects drain what’s left of any drive i have for leading a normal life, i get to spend two days of relative calm going to Matthew Good concerts.
it’s really not a fair equation. two days of relaxation, followed by two weeks of “oh god why is everything due at the same time????”
ok, two more chapters to go, then full on cram style.

current mood: “What You Do To Me” by Teenage Fanclub

3 Thoughts.

  1. we are all tired of that foam hat. i mean make up your mind. go nacho sombrero. or baseball hat. there is no in between. plus both can be worn at baseball games.

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