You Can’t Spell Car Without Smash

so for december during exams we want to have a car smash event.
i phoned MADD canada to ask them about it. they’ll give us lots of info and pamphlets.
MADD canada said to phone ICBC.
ICBC said to phone Regional Road Safety.
dude was out for lunch.
whatev. I’ll get a hold of him. people enjoy smashing things, and if there’s a good message behind it then kudos to the smashers for taking an interest in it.
we’re also trying to get an event going for the end of the month to raise funds for victims in darfur. this ought to be a good month activism and awareness wise.
in general the world seems to have finally decided to coast along with everything in working order and letting me get everything done. got my ads ready for three more rez events, gonna go clear them with security today, and im pretty sure i didnt choke on my KIN midterm.
and no i dont know anyone in that picture.

current mood: “Juicy” by I Mother Earth

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