I Heart Ginger

after much annoyance at having found myself getting sick and drinking lots of cold drinks i decided it was time to move on to tea of some kind.
after remembering that i don’t have any tea i began to wonder if i had something i could use like tea.
thus began the search through the freezer for the ginger.
took me a while too.
ginger in hot water is quite delightful.
ginger and honey in hot water even more so.
drinking it out of a Stitch mug is just a bonus.
hopefully this decides to remedy itself rather quickly.
tomorrow i have a midterm, two focus groups to do, downtown class, go across to north van, get up at 5am, go to airport and fly home.
but then i get to shoot things, so that’ll be fun.

currnet mood: somewhere between “Truffle Pigs” by Matt Good and “Mounted Animal Nature Trail” by The Arrogant Worms

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