Two Minutes of Fame or Shame

after careful thought, i much rather like the results of this than those of last years canadian idol audition…
so, 5 hours after the projected start time, due apparently to a few missed ferry’s and having trouble finding the place, the stage and tables and sound system were set up in the Pub.
and then i went to the registration table to hand in my forms to find out that two of us had decide to try out.
trying top get the point across to these people that SFU has terribly apathy and it wasn’t likely that many more people would show up was difficult.
but that’s ok.
less competition.
actually, there were about ten people in the end who tried out i think.
i was third, after a guy who sang Billy Jean, and a guy who just talked.
and then i made up a pardoy of “My Heart Will Go On” on the spot all about Much Music.
if i figure out how to rip it off the dvd i got of the performance i’ll put it up on here.
now i get to watch a lot of much to see if i get to laugh at myself on tv.

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