that’s ok, we have your remedy

I think one of the oddest things about being a parent that you never really think about prior to having a child is how the songs that get stuck in your head end up super fucked.

That’s not to say that you still don’t get the odd earworm stuck in there, or god forbid taylor fucking swift because SOMEONE plays that knowing how much you hate it, but now you also have to deal with cartoon songs.

the last week or so, I’ve been on a bit of a Puscifer kick. I’ve had The Remedy on constant rotation because it’s an amazing song.

right, given that a good listen?

now picture that stuck in your head mixed up with the theme song from Little Charmers.

the annoying part is that in no way do these songs match up at all, yet somehow, your brain makes them work together.

and then you catch yourself humming the Charmers theme instead of Puscifer.

I suppose there could be worse cartoon songs to get stuck along with.

Dora? actually, I don’t know the Dora theme song because fuck Dora. Dora is not on in our house.

What if you had the Thomas theme and Zeppelin stuck in your head?

or Toopy and The Arkells?

see? totally fucked, but in your head it’s like, oh hey, somehow this works? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

actually, to be honest, I don’t mind the Little Charmers/Puscifer mix. and here’s where that Parent of a Toddler thing goes even further… I don’t mind it because I actually don’t mind Little Charmers. I’ve hit that point where, if I’m channel surfing and see it’s on, I pause for a second to think if it’s a repeat and is it worth watching.

but fuck Dora.

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