somehow shadows move

Long weekend.

This means that on Friday there were hoardes of pickups hauling RVs, quads, boats, more RVs, RVs and boats, RVs and boats and quads stacked on top of the truck, etc. It also means that driving home after work on Friday was fucking annoying because as soon as someone starts to drive an RV or haul a giant trailer down the highway, all sense of other road users simply vanishes from their mind.

You know how the left lane is for passing? Nope. The left lane is for toodling along under the speed limit while you absentmindedly wonder why there are s many horns going off to your right…

Saturday and Sunday off a reprieve. That’s not to say there won’t be masses of people driving around, especially in Sylvan. Where’s there’s a lake, there will be mounds of people on a sunny weekend. Today will be a day to avoid driving down Lakeshore. And tomorrow.

Tomorrow will also see the reverse exodus of RVs and trailers. Thankfully, I don’t have to drive anywhere, which means I won’t have to deal with that.

Of course, that’s assuming I don’t feel like taking a drive down to the Dickson Dam to go fishing. I think I might do that anyway, I haven’t been out all week and I want to catch a goddamn fish that I can keep and eat. All I’ve been catching on Sylvan lake are walleye, and you can’t keep them here. Fuckers.

We’ll see. Last night I set my gear up for the Fly and Bubble technique. I’ve never done it before, but it’s supposed to be like fly fishing without the fly fishing equipment. Which is fine with me, since I don’t particularly want to buy a fly fishing rig. Fakery that works just as well is fine with me.

We did a fair amount of work in the backyard yesterday. Of course, this means that I spent all damn night blowing snot out of my face because my allergies love to come say hi when we do that.

You know, you want to suggest a TV show but you’d sound like this: “Let’s *snrrrrrt* um, watch, *slrrrrpppbbbbb* this one *krrrrnnnnnkk* tonight *smrrrrrrrrrrt*”

Yep, super sexay.

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