501s and a dope Beastie tee

Since a few people have inquired in the last days… even if a few means two… whatever, it’s more than none, so shut it… the following is a random assortment of items that are on my birthday list for this year, and likely for many other lists in the future until such time that they have been acquired:

Bushnell 1x/2x MP this would go quite well with the new stock on my 10/22.

Lotus F1 team racing shirt because E21.

Leupold VX-R 2-7x33mm there’s a zombie one, but I don’t want a green splash on a hunting scope. also, to me, the optics in it look just as good as the VX3, and I don’t need to spend the money on a VX6 series.

Ruger SR-556C this would be a self purchase for legal reasons…

Lotus F1 Kimi shirt becauseracecar

Ghost EBS Comp 26 mountain bike I need a new bike. I’ve been lusting after a Rocky Mountain for years, but I don’t have four grand for one, and this one looks kind of fucking awesome.

SOG Fasthawk because this will ensure I have many bear defence options when camping.

Autographed Ryan Smyth jersey I know I already have two jerseys, but this one would go so well with the signed picture.

Gibson ES-335 Cherry Burst there WAS one of these at 53rd St Music when I first moved to Red Deer. I used to walk over on my lunches and stare at it.

PRS SE 24 Mikeal Akerfeld there’s one of these on the wall at the Soundhouse in Red Deer. so so so much drool.

Danelectro Fab Flange I had the Hashbrown Flanger mini pedal a few years ago, but got rid of it for some stupid reason I can’t remember. that was an awesome pedal…

Danelectro French Toast Octave Distortion other than the Hashbrown flanger, I’ve only ever had Boss effects pedals, but I’m always drawn to the Danelectro’s too over others.

DeWalt Corded Reciprocating Saw I don’t want a cordless one. I think if you get a reciprocating saw, you’d use it enough to make batteries a pain in the ass.

Ayrton Senna tee why does this need explaining? It’s a Senna shirt. duh.

Venture Islay Kayak it’s a kayak with the name of my favourite scotch producing region in Scotland

Accent Fit Pro Core paddle obviously you can’t have a kayak with a paddle.

TRD 4.0L Supercharger because that would sound FAN. TASTIC.

Rigid Industries 20″ SR LED Lightbar I don’t have fog lights

This shift knob it has bullets. duh. unless the thread size is different for autos… then not.

 Lagavulin Distillers Edition I need a bottle of Lagavulin to complete my Islay distilleries.

Full Throttle Experience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway a half day hooning a Ferrari 430 GT? why would you even question that?


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