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that’s an Olympic gold medal from 2008. it belongs to adam kreek who won it in Mens 8 Rowing. he was the guest speaker at the Panasonic Tech Forum that I’m at right now this very moment in Kananaskis. He showed us a video of him and a bunch of other guys prepping for a row across the pacific. part of it involved a bucket. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

when you see the medals on tv, they look like they’re fairly large, but in reality, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. it’s neat holding it, because it’s one of those thing that you think you’ll never really get a chance to see up close. and then you do. and you hold it and you just kind of get caught up wondering what it must have felt like to win it.

and then, like everyone else, you snap a picture or two with your phone and pass it on.

this time next week I’ll be in Las Vegas, probably enjoying a nice, open air breakfast before heading down to the Mandalay Bay to wander around the Barrett-Jackson with my dad. sadly, most of you will be at work this time next week, perhaps happy that it’s friday, but not in Las Vegas.

no idea why, but Sheldon Cooper saying “I informed you thusly” just popped into my head.

speaking of breakfast, I should probably go find some.

thus, I have informed you.

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