a second studio album

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I’ve been having some right fucking weird dreams lately. The common theme in them has been a giant VW van. picture one. now double or triple it’s size. like a small RV sized one. one was red, the one last night was orange. The red one I was driving around Scotland in with Trent Reznor while singing Tragically Hip songs and pointing out how rock formations looked like Chinese dragons. The orange one, I was driving around with my sister and Candace, and we needed to store something in the back and the whole back half of the van was like a giant zip shell that you undid and lifted up. and then that turned into writing letters on restaurant napkins to the leader of the Mujahadeen… or was it that Iranian ayatollah… about meeting up for pulled pork and carrot filled dog toys so someone could sniper them…

also, I slept like total shit last night.

I’d much rather go back to zombie fighting dreams.

Aimée is currently slaving away in the kitchen making breakfast because she aspires to be a 50s housewife. I should buy her a 50s style apron for that.

I found this new photo app for my phone. it’s called Snapseed. all I’m saying is that if you have an iPhone and you use hiptamatic, fuck that, pay the $5 and get this. it’s so hipster than not even hipsters know about it yet and have ruined it by making everyone say it’s hipster. which is super meta, because that makes it not hipster at all. which is awesome. seriously, it’s like a mini version of Lightroom on your phone.

I found out about it by reading the Guardian olympic photo blog. this coming weekend there’s a three day skate and music festival in Sylvan that I get to play photog at. I feel that this app is going to fucking. rule. there.

there, I’ve shilled for it openly, now SPONSOR ME AND GIVE ME FREE STUFF DAMMIT!

I’ve run into a bit of a snag with the new firepit. since the tractor wheel is probably a hundred years old, it’s one solid piece of metal. and it’s fused together with rust. and my grinder won’t easily cut through the spokes. thus, I’m trying to find someone with a welding torch to come cut the fuckers off so I can build the most glorious firepit EVER. until then, we’re stuck with your run of the nill brick pit. who wants that when you have a four foot wide tractor tire with fucking spikes on the outside? no one, that’s who.

I started to set up the Blue Room last night. I mounted two guitars on wall hangers. I have to go back to the music store in Red Deer to see if they have any angle mounts. I want my Les Paul mounted on another wall at a 45 angle because that’d look fucking awesome.

oh yeah, and there was a full on electrical storm last night that cut the power out five times. there was green lightning. and a giant mushroom shaped cloud that never moved, and just grew bigger and lit up from the inside that I called The Blob Cloud. it devoured everything in its path and conventional weaponry was useless against it. somehow it was destroyed during the night though. BLOB CLOUD.

that’s all I’ve got.

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