drums in the deep

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The Vantalian Invasion has begun. Their advance troops are now on the move with reinforcements speculated to begin moving east within 24 to 48 hours. Our only hope for survival is to attempt to appease their invasion weary heads and stomachs with cold beer and good food. They are coming. We are ready.

do you think the braveheart speech would work here? you know, I never actually watched that. never really had much interest in it.

we’ve been looking at houses for a few months. this past week we found one that we felt matched our needs, was in good shape and in the price range we wanted to pay. not as much as listed, but getting there. long story short, negotiations on a house are a bit nerve racking as well as most of the other stuff involved in it.

so we’re still cabin bound for the next while, which is totally fine. we’re in no rush and we have a fire pit with a shit ton of wood to burn and sit around with beer in hand to mull over the next listing or whatever else you mull over with beer in hand around a fire. which, I guess is basically everything and anything.

except maybe anal leakage. that, i think, would make for awkward fire conversation. and then you’d want to burn the chair that person was sitting in.

As a matter of public record, let it be formally acknowledged here that Dario owes me one bottle of scotch and one six pack for completion of one Accepted Challenge, heretowith known as CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Having completed CHALLENGE ACCEPTED in a manner fully recognized as LEGEN wait for it… DARY, procurement and delivery of said bottle and six pack shall be completed as soon as possible upon arrival.

blah blah legalese blah blah BEER SUIT UP!

time to go to work.

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