Millhouse and Milquetoaste both start with M

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today I’m not longer made up of prime numbers. I’m made up of quarters. birthday math. bazinga.

for those of your wondering, 28. I am 28. which, when broken down to the lowest common denominator is a quarter. MATHS! BOFFINS! BIRTHDAY TOP GEAR!

this is the first time in five or six years that I haven’t been at the Cambie or Blarney Stone on my birthday. it’s also the first time in years that I haven’t been out with friends, so it’s a little weird I guess.

I was vegging out last night watching Terminator 3 and Danielle texted me saying it’s my birthday and we’re not at the Cambie getting wasted. though I think if we’d gone out again this year, I probably wouldn’t have tried to match the results of last year…

however, given the fact that we’re not going out this year, Aimée said that for dinner she’d make me a homemade Cambie Swiss Mushroom burger and we’d wash it down with some winter ale. I believe that this is evidence enough as to why she’s super awesome and will totally forgive me for repeatedly poking her nose while she was still half asleep this morning. This calls for wearing my Chuck Norris Cambie shirt today.

Yesterday my dad and I went to an auction in Edmonton. He’s been to that particular one a few times before, this was my first time. I wanted a shower after we left. It was seriously like People of Walmart except at an auction. Those people are the reason most of the public thinks gun owners are crazy. full on Canadian tuxedos, fur lined Crocs, Carhart bib overalls, cowboy boots, NASCAR and Harley jackets fucking everywhere, hats with flames on the side, camo, camo, more camo, and then you watch what these people pay for the shit that was there. and I mean shit in the most honest sense possible. out of 166 some guns, there were 5 that weren’t fucked up. You have to wonder what goes through the heads of these people when they pay three times the value of a shotgun that’s rusted out and a shit brand in the first place. the biggest jaw dropper was the moron who paid $1050 a piece for three Winchester Commemorative models that are worth $300 each. Add the ignorant sounding auctioneer and mistakes in the buyers guide, and you wonder why people bother with that place.

oh right, because they don’t have to shower, get to wear their camo in public and can collectively bitch about Obama and gun registration.

eyeroll? eyeroll.

So far, two gift cards to MEC, two books, a spec fit Viridian Green Laser, (anyone else notice the safety’s off in that picture?)  and a pre-order of the Senna dvd courtesy of Aimée. right now she’s also making coffee bacon for breakfast. I only asked for a MEC gift card and the Senna dvd, so anything else, up to and including coffee bacon, is a super awesome bonus.

in 2011 I only blogged 55 times. I’m a little disappointed about that. I think this year I’ll manage more.

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