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it snowed last night. after halloween. part of me doesn’t think this is very fair considering that for the most part when I was a kid, a halloween costume would be thought up and then modified in order to fit over a snow suit. I’m sure that somewhere, someone has developed a mathematical formula describing the ratio between Size of Candy Haul (SCH) to Level of Snowfall (LS). of course, you’d have to take into consideration ambient temperature (T) in the case that there’s very little snow but the temperature is quite low. Another consideration would be the opposite; warm air with lots of snow, equating to an increase in Soggy (S). as we know, parents feel the overwhelming urge to prevent children from becoming Soggy. Soggy is bad for candy hauls as it causes many costumes to become weighed down with melted snow, causing parents to fear a cold coming on.

so were one to try and compute the possible candy haul, you’d have to consider:

SCH = (LS/T)xS

of course, I will claim brilliance about this, but readily admit to it being a faulty equation because I never factored in Snowsuit (ST). other than that, this formula is perfect and without fault and ha ha I invented it and now I’ll be famous and give me my damn candy!

we had no little costumed people come to our door and ask for sugar. none. at all. I’ve heard through the grapevine that one year, cans of soup were handed out here. not quite as bad as the year I was in townhouses at SFU and my Norwegian roommate didn’t quite get Halloween and tried to hand out beer to the kids.

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I spent the last two days at the truck scale in Balzac hoping that things didn’t blow up, light on fire, short out, generally fail in a catastrophic manner and the like. for the most part this was avoided. until one blue screen of death, one frozen computer, a program crash, a second frozen computer, hardware malfunctions and SQL errors. at least it held off snowing until I got home.

because of said snow, we’re leaving earlier to get doe to the airport to head out to Vancouver for some laser tag and Tevisani banquet. why laser tag you ask? I offer the following:

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  1. Totally agree on this pussy, snowless version of Oct.31st that kids still refer to as Halloween. I did that shit in Saskatoon, so not only did we have snow, we often had drifts. How are these kids suppose to grow up with any sort of meaning? Lil’ pricks.

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