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i pulled out more brush over the weekend. actually, with all the stuff I had sitting out in the back, you’d have though there were four or five people all doing shit back there. i used that as the first opportunity to brandish my new (old) hedge clipper and shred through all those damn weeds and prickly bushes and vegetational obstacle things! of course, there was the requisite pose where you have a power tool and you hold it over your head like you’re about to chop something’s head off and you go “POWAAAAHHH!!!!!” but not the full on “by the power if greyskull”, come on, you can ONLY do that with a sword and only in your underwear.

so we got my parents moved in to their new place. it was weird, like visiting a vacation home. wait, i already mentioned this in my last post didn’t I… this is what happens when you morph from a prolific, daily blogger to one who posts three or four times a month…

apparent;y at work, I’m being thrown around as a leader for newer employees and interns. my boss told me that now all the new interns get to do a session with the strategic policy planning branch or something. given that one of the P’s in my MPP is policy, and I never got to do that, my first thought was “you little bastards, i never got to do that!” out loud I said “I never got to do that!” all about catching words with mouth before they get out. I really have no idea what that would entail, since it hasn’t come up since it was mentioned but whatevs, I can totally deal with having some minions… or not minions…

so I got an iphone a while ago. before i had one, I was of the opinion that anyone who used Hipstamatic or Instagram a lot were fools and should just buy a real camera. however, I never said that out loud so technically I don’t have to eat crow. plus, I don’t like instagram. i don’t want to apply the filter after the fact, i want to take the picture with it applied. thus, i’ve taken to using hipstamatic. a lot. not like, obsessively, but a lot. it’s convenient. actually, just the whole having a phone that wasnt turning into a piece of shit Pre is convenient. especially when you want to video a dog eating peanut butter. or funny hats at the farmer’s market.

i’ve moved a bunch of stuff over to aimée’s, so my place is slowly clearing out. my living room looks pretty bare bones. a couch and a tv.

i started reading Craig Ferguson’s “American on Purpose”. I hear the words in his voice when I read it. it’s awesome.





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