melting dolls like falling snow

sight seeing

bit of a long week. had to go to calgary on saturday to ref, got heckled by the crowd. not my fault your home team played like the Canucks in game 4. monday i had to prep for a presentation in edmonton on tuesday. so that was tuesday. it went well, not hard considering it was to present the second version of a new program we’re working on. tonight i’m going to prep stuff for track set up tomorrow. tomorrow i have to go to the travel clinic in the morning and get stuck. tomorrow night we’re setting up the track and as much else as we can for friday’s double header. friday we have a double header, reffing both games. saturday, getting on a fucking plane and leaving for a week.

yeah, that’s right, sandy beach and drinks for a week. where are you going? not there? HAH.

two weekends ago was the first properly warm weekend, so my dad and I finally got the chance to go do some target shooting. we’d been trying to organize that for weeks, but the damn weather just kept fucking with us.

i think im pretty well packed… shorts, swim trunks and light shirts… it’s the tropics, how much do you really need to bring?

gonna go do some advanced voting this week in case our flight back is screwed up and we dont get back in time. danielle thinks my head will explode when the election results come out. i’ll probably check on the hotel computers that night, or the next morning, and i’ll probably gripe some, but no head asplode. it’ll be another minority. people will have been abusive of their own ballot and gone and done strategic voting. I hate strategic voting. you want to hear me rant about problematic voting, get on that topic.

anyway, as I’ve got a busy rest of the week and pool side bars and ocean side beers coming my way, dont expect any updates on here for a while.

right, gotta go wrangle up some duct tape now.

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