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Jan 24-11

half of a medium white onion. two or three cloves of garlic. a spoonful of capers. as usual, prepping this ahead of time will make it easier to just toss it all in the pan and give’r. slice the onion so that it’ll fall apart into bits in the pan. chop up the garlic. heat a large pan and throw in a chunk of butter. toss in the onion, garlic and capers. you know when all those cooking shoes tell you to cook the onion until they start to brown and caramelize? do that here.

Jan 24-11-2

cut up a chicken breast into bits and pieces. don’t really care how. just cut it up and throw it in with the onion, garlic and capers.

Jan 24-11-3

once the chicken starts to brown, take some grape tomatoes and go ahead and throw those in too. don’t really care how many, just not too many. a good sized handful should do it.

Jan 24-11-4

go to the fridge and pull out some fresh parsley. rip a bunch out, then tear it into smaller bits and put it in the pan. let it cook for a minute or two. stir it around while it’s cooking so that it doesn’t all stick. at this point the bottom of the pan will have collected some nice browning. unless you’re using non-stick pans. then la de da, good for you.

Jan 24-11-5

when it’s all good and cooked up and the chicken isn’t pink anymore in the middle, take a spoon and drizzle in some honey. make sure you keep moving the stuff in the pan around otherwise it’ll burn the honey and that would suck. toss it all so that everything gets coated. take the pan off the heat.

Jan 24-11-6

right, so before you actually cook any of the other stuff, you’re going to want to cook some rice. i make mine in a rice cooker. mostly because it tastes better than instant rice and i never learned to make it in a pot. use one cup of brown rice. put in two or three teaspoons of Old Bay seasoning, one teaspoon(ish) of smoked paprika and a bay leaf. now cook it. once it’s cooked and you’ve made the chicken and stuff you’re ready to plate. spoon out some rice into the middle of your plate. make it like a bowl of rice on the plate so you can put stuff in the middle. now put the stuff in the pan in the middle of the rice.

Jan 24-11-10

like so.

looks good, huh? yeah. so get to it. don’t forget to grab a beer out of the fridge when you sit down to eat.

don’t forget that since it’s a chicken recipe you may or may not be obligated to say the following before you actually sit down to eat:

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