you knocked down the blue whale?


so for starters, there’s a photo contest through rollergirl for refs going on. you can help me out if you so choose (read, go help me. now.) by going to the contest page and liking my entry starting 8am on November the 9th.

seeing as how i’m dropping by the store this week too, I’ll probably have to bust out some Stinsonisms on them just to swing the final judging in my favour…

so yes, tomorrow after work I’m heading to the airport and flying back to my italians and having a good time all around and bacon and onions and arrogant worms and cambie and wine and memphis blues and on and on.

since i leave tomorrow and cant make it to the fresh meat practice, I went to one of the league practices tonight. and a half hour or so in decided i probably should have stayed home when my head decided it would remain slightly off kilter for the remainder.

so… sleep. then work. then plane. then AWESOME.

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