your foo is no my match for my fung

oh my god we're in the 1920s

i really need a decent book shelf and or dvd tower and or something to put in my living room to put stuff on that actually looks like it goes well in here. i also still need a real couch.

i had to swap external hard drives with my sister for a while cause she wants to take a portable one to hawaii with her next week so she can watch movies. i know, right? who wants to watch movies in hawaii? obviously you watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory instead.

anyway, that necessitated my swapping all my stuff off one of my externals onto her huge ass 1TB drive. it also necessitated me meeting her boyfriend. that’s another story. anyway. i actually tried two of my externals on her computer first. one might be bricked. which is annoying, but at least i managed to move everything off of it before it locked up. that had all my videos and stuff on it. the one she’s taking with her had all my pictures on it back to 2004. looking at the folder sizes, i found that from 2004 to the end of 2006,  i took about 5gigs worth of pictures. from 2007 through now…. around 60 or so.

then i found out that the external drive she bought is ok to copy TO, but sucks complete and total butthole to copy FROM. seriously, under 1MB/s transfer time? im hoping it doesnt suck so bad that it hampers me burning all my files on to a bunch of dvds. i trust having them on dvds more than this drive. because i’ve lost a half year’s worth of pictures before, and i wasn’t too thrilled about that. im not going to risk six years worth. that would be a little more like IMA THROW YOU THROUGH THE FUCKING WINDOW!

anyway. i have to go lay a smaller track at the new arena cause we need a larger safety barrier. apparently ten inches from the wall coming off the corner isn’t enough space….. who knew?

oh right, I do because concussions and all… hah.

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