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Cline River August 2-10-4
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so yesterday we doled out the cupcakes and whatnot for the birthday of one of our superintendents who works out of our office here. my boss told me to go find him the manliest card i could find. not being able to find one in a store, i proceeded to come home and make one up. the end result looked something like this:


the rest of the images are up on my flickr for all to see. then i went around the floor to have people sign it and everyone was like “this… is fucking amazing!” true story.

we pull little pranks and stuff at work sometimes, like switching the keys around on keyboards, switching out the usb receivers for mice, unplugging cables, little random shit that. my boss pulled one on me yesterday that had me sitting there speechless for a good half hour. by the by, i have the coolest boss in the world. you might think your boss is cool, but your boss really isn’t cool. my boss could bitch slap The Most Interesting Man in the World and still get him to her buy a beer without asking. can your boss do that? the answer is no, no they cannot.

anyway, yesterday afternoon we’re all doing whatever it is we do in the office, my (work) phone rings, i look over to see ‘DVD THMP HLTH REG” which in real english is the David Thompson Regional Health District. earlier in the day they were bugging me about not liking needles or having blood drawn and about never ever going to have blood drawn because fuck that blood is in you to live. so, of course, my immediate reaction was “jesus christ they set me up for a blood donor appointment WHAT THE FUCK.” so i pick up the phone and give my “Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Patrick speaking” voice…

“Hello, is this patrick?”


“Hi Patrick, I’m responding to your ad in the paper.”

“…my what?”

“I’m responding to your personal ad you have in the paper.”

“… …. ……. .. . no?”



“oh, ok.” *click*


snickering and laughter all around.

so I’m fairly certain there isn’t really an ad, but I’m not sure because they keep asking me if my phone’s rung anymore. so yeah.

so then about a half hour later, after sitting there in basically dead silence, i messaged my boss on our office msn type thing and said “this is the part in the movie where the guy goes ‘Well played Goldfinger, well played’ But then James Bond comes in and proceeds to kick some ass.”

then she asks “did she at least sound cute?”

to which i say “only strange people answer those ads. really strange people. stranger than people who answer those things on the internet.”

so that was m friday, cupcakes, cards and personal ads. how about yours?

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