backwards until the start

see the whole set HERE. RIGHT HERE. SEE? HERE.

some people on the team keep telling me i should put an add in kijiji or something and sell some of the shots i take at the skate parks. honestly, i’d never heard of kijiji until i moved here. and when i did it was an immediate “what the fuck is a kijiji?” so i dunno. there’s a big three day skate and bmx thing here in august, I should be able to get some good shots there.

2 Thoughts.

  1. kijiji is fucked… it’s totally just a small town craigslist thing I’m pretty sure cause everyone in Fort talks about it all the time.

    Rad pictures for sure mang. I’d put shit like that up in my house. Which reminds me, one day I would like some of your peekatures.

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