all for about three dollars

foto by Nicolas Charest

that’s me going around in a circle on the weekend. today i ordered my new skates. much like the suits i had made in dhaka, which are way more awesome because they’re tailored, these skates are way more awesomer than regular skates cause they’re custom set ups. yesh, dats right. ima go for red Riedell 911 boots, SureGrip XK-4 DA 45 plates, Kwik 9 bearings, Atom Lowboy 44s. it’s ok if you don’t immediately realize how fucking awesome those are. you can just take my word for it.

that’s my happy news. not so happy news is that a major part of my plans for my trip back out to Vancity pretty much got totally fucked up through no fault of my own or anyone one else. you can blame the economy on this one. fuck you recovery. that’s right. i said it.

so anyway, the initial Fubar trip is still on. now i have to figure out what to do from the 7th through the 10th. perhaps i’ll head over to the island or something. i dunno. not the ideal situation a week before i fly out, but i guess it’s just an opportunity to have fun on the fly. so yeah. i dunno. sometimes life throws you for a loop and you’re better off by grabbing it by the horns and shaking it and saying “you son of a bitch! I’m going THIS WAY now!” and then fake it out cause it thought it totally had you down but it was wrong.

k, well, train of thought is gone.

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