two brown bags and an empty bottle

i want to nap, but seeing as how we have a bunch of lead up things to do for the derby bout this weekend I have to wait. yesterday at practice i took some player shots for the bout program. it’s funny, these girls spend the games with an angry “im gonna hit you bitch!” face on, then you put them in front of a camera and say “give me a mean face!” and they just stand there and laugh.

so tonight we have a derby wing night kind of thing where the girls on the team skate around this bar and serve wings. i get the easy job. i get to sit there, eat wings, drink beer and take pictures.

but i oh so want to power nap right now.

i think this is one of my new favourite pictures of mine. i know it’s not terribly in focus, and it’s dark and whatever, but it’s just one of those ones that i take, look at and immediately like without feeling any sort of self critique about it. i do that enough with the majority of the pictures i take, so when i look at one and like it right away it’s kind of a bonus.

i think i’ve decided what to do with part of my tax return. we’ll see if it works out. secret mission type stuff, you know. i’d tell you but i’d have to make it up on the spot. or something like that.

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