things that go directions

so my van is in the shop for maybe two weeks. i think the benefit here is that i’ll save a bunch of money on gas. not a super great start to the weekend. i might have tweaked a tendon injury from last year walking around last night. so yeah. is the weekend salvageable? maybe not 100% but there is derby tonight so that’s good.

the first thing my sister said to me when i stumbled up the stairs this morning and sat on the couch was “geez… you look like shit.”

we took a drive into town today to look at her new condo then to MEC. i picked up an MSR Windpro stove and a GSI Bugaboo cook set. retail therapy is good, but it’s better when what you buy will get you years and years of work out of it.

that pretty much leaves a backpack. pretty sure i know which one im getting now after talking to the guy at MEC who pretty much didnt recommend any of the bags they had when i told him which one I’d been looking at.

right, so, power nap time, food then derby.

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  1. you should have asked them to write it off, take the insurance money and put a down payment on the tacoma. disappointed.

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