saturday’s at threeve


OCDG 2010 Merby Invitational

both sets are from last weekend;s derby action. this weekend is a derby road trip down to Medicine Hat, which will undoubtedly result in a few more sets of fun and general mayhem. no seriously. you can’t have roller derby without an element of mayhem, it’s not possible. i’ve found that out.

i passed my skating skills requirements this week, so now i can do… more… skating… and stuff…. exactly.

i get to wake up early tomorrow to drive up to edmonton for an all day meeting. fun fun. I’ve pretty much packed all my stuff for the weekend already anyway so im hoping the meeting doesnt run all day really and we get back down here early enough so i can catch a ride down tomorrow instead of saturday morning.

i remember when i had drive to blog everyday. if i missed it a day i’d feel guilty. it’s been a week since my last one. honestly, i think it’s living in red deer. there’s not really much of a social media presence here. it’s weird, like some kind of lack of feeling of community that was there all the time in vancouver. i know one other person in red deer who has a blog, and in fairness, it’s a semi work one.

ive been loading my dinner with garlic lately. so i pretty much reek of it but it’s so goddamn tasty so it’s pretty much worth it. and by loading, I mean when you eat it it actually burns your mouth. fuck yes.

i had a mini RC helicopter. it crash landed and the tail rotor broke off. now i have a wildly erratic RC helicopter.

2 Thoughts.

  1. No drive to blog, yeah yeah why don’t you just say you have a life. 😛

    Please please can you get a picture or video of you derby-ing and checking someone?

  2. why would he want to give video-graphic evidence of him getting his ass kicked by chicks? isnt a written account embarassing enough?

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