based on this story we’re not scientists… yet…

so far my christmas has been sleeping, waking up, making some hash browns and eggs, and listening to some Smodcast. my sister feels that Smodcast isn’t krismissy. i disagree, how better to celebrate a day of being lazy and doing shit all by listening to the master of pop culture convos about pussy and dicks?

we’re not actually having our christmas stuff until sunday because my sister has to work until saturday. meh.

ok, just to clarify, yes by heritage our family is jewish, o we do not practice anything, yes we do christmas, no, beyond a tree, baking and being obedient consumers there is no deeper meaning to it really.

in any case, to all you PC fans, happy misappropriated Roman festival of harvest and subsequent misappropriation of other Greco-Roman and pagan european celebrations day.

to all you not so PC fans, merry christmas.

to all you super crazy Jesus freaks, like the really really crazy ones, you know… texans… keep being deluded, it’s entertaining.

I’m going back to listening to stories about dick bullets and movie editing now.

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