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of course the first nationally televised game of the nhl preseason is a toronto game, notwithstanding the fact that there’s already been Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary games. everyone out west bitches about CBC covering too many leafs games. this is true. I counted. the leafs are having nearly twice as many games broadcast on CBC than Edmonton, Vancouver or Calgary. Let’s just ignore the fact that the Habs get about as many as the Leafs because you can’t really argue against that. same thing with TSN. maybe not as bad, but still, you’ve got two TSN channels so you’d figure at some point there might actually be some sort of fairly balanced broadcast schedule.

I was sitting at my desk today and heard a mail cart coming along. since I don’t usually expect mail at work, I ignored it until it appeared being pushed by two of the women from another part of the floor. WITH ICE CREAM ON IT. yes, that’s right, I work at an office where people randomly appear with a mail cart loaded with ice cream and cones and hand out ice cream cones just because.

time to go figure out what to make for dinner. the choices abound. pasta….pasta….soup….pasta….

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