i get an hour for lunch every day. an hour is a long time when you consider that it really doesn’t take that long to eat something. thankfully(?) the biggest music store in red deer is literally a minute walk from the front door of the building where I work. in vancouver I had to go a bit out of my way to go to a music store. even if it were Tom Lee, that was still a lot farther from harbour center than this place is to my work. i was in the other day to pick up a pedal and happened to see that they’d gotten a new ES335 in. today i finished my lunch in the office (all of ten minutes) and wandered over to oogle it.

fuck me, that is a nice guitar. i ended up talking to the store owner for about forty minutes at the same time. he’s a cool guy, and his store is pretty impressive for a smaller city. i told him to take it away from me before i did something stupid. half jokingly i said i wouldnt be able to afford it until the end of november. then he shrugged and said “yeah it’ll still be here.”

there’s a wicked dinosaur show on the history channel right now. Phil Currie is explaining stuff. Phil Currie is a goddamn genius. Ask any six year old and they’ll tell you the same thing. It’s strange when you actually stop to think about people who’ve influenced your life and you’ve never really understood how or why. Phil Currie is the reason i spend some of my spare time hiking through the badlands in 30 degree heat looking for bones.

that 335 is going to be mine at some point. it’s too nice not to be.

omfg, they’re talking about trex now, i have to go watch this.

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  1. You know, if you got an after-work job at the music store, you’d probably get a discount. Then you could buy the 335 AND chat up that hot girl that works there more often. Also, potentially have sex with her IN the music store.

    Just sayin’.

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