some things in threes

this is me last summer in dhaka when i had that second fever. im pretty sure the closest i’ve come to looking like that again has been over the lat two days. except this was more like a giant shitty head cold for most of the time. except maybe monday night when i had to leave early from the fundraiser, knock back some neocitran and try to sleep.

i think i’ve managed something like 6 hours of real sleep in the last couple of days. last night i hardly slept at all. though im starting to think that might have been because i didnt wait long enough to pop some nyquil after taking some tylenol earlier in the afternoon. apparently that really fucks with your balance too cause i just about fell over taking a piss.

ive downed an entire jug of orange juice and probably two litres of water, but im sort of craving some ginger ale.

i also brought in some hot dog buns and bagels to try and munch on to make sure i had something in my stomach.

apparently people were looking for me yesterday. seems to me that the first place to start would be my place or phoning me. there’s your heads up, my phone will indeed wake me from a nyquil induced haze. especially if it rings at 2am and you’re totally tanked wondering why im not downtown partying.

if things come in threes does that mean i have one more thing to not really look forward too? cause there was the hard drive debacle, and then i got sick so what’s next? i hope it’s ot something completely stupid because im getting a little fed up with having shitty days.

i should probably have a shower. then go back to trying to find a semi comfortable way to try and sleep some more.

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  1. I once did tylenol cold day time, and then took either the tylenol night time or nyquil about 3-4 hours later when I was ready for bed… and whatever it did to me fucked me up for a good 2 days afterwards. I couldn’t even walk I was so messed up. I don’t know what happens when they mix but apparently it’s not good.

    I hope you feel better soon and start having some good things come your way!

  2. You see, Mr. Ciavarro mentioned to me that you had phoned him and he missed your call, so I told him to call you back, which he chose not to. So he txt’d you and you didn’t respond. He was all concerned as to why you would have called him and not txt’d so I told him to call YOU, which he did not. So he got everyone worked up and worried about what happened to you, which would have all been cleared up had he just called you!

  3. wouldnt not being able to find a job be one of the three? which means your bad luck streak is about to end, the clouds will part and a beam of heavenly light will shine down on you?

  4. I need to explain this “worried” rumour that has been circulating.

    Patrick phoned me in a flu induced haze for no apparent reason.


    I txt’d him back to say WTF.

    No response.

    All right, so the guy is dead. Too bad.

    I tell the wife Pat’s dead, she immediately takes me seriously and freaks out.

    Next thing I know I need to make sure Pat’s not dead. So I enlist some helping hands, and txt him again myself.

    Turns out he’s not dead.

    A disappointing end to a useless story.

  5. Chad scared us all about your sickness. You have to get better soon, I’m getting tired of seeing #jewflu come up on my twitter all th time. 😉

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