fearless some might pray

To dream of the apocalypse, signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.

there are cruelly grinning skulls falling to the ground to cries of ‘tin man heads!’ and soon hands and fingers follow. there is something in the sky, it’s spinning, like something you know you should run from but can’t help and stare at. there are people yelling and running, but everyone is still smiling. and then i’m in several rooms, one after another. everyone is looking out the windows. everyone is still smiling. you can see it through the window, coming down over the horizon, a giant cloud, a giant wave, a giant blast of flame. coming down over the hills and mountains right towards the building. someone says put your back to the wall and don’t look because you won’t feel it. the rumbling is getting closer. backs against the wall, people are yelling, but still smiling and then it hits and the whole thing pauses. and goes to another room where the whole thing happens again. only this time instead of pausing i wake up.

i’ve never liked having really vivid dreams, they creep into my mind too much when i’m awake and start to make me wonder if I actually woke up in the morning. one time in high school i spent the better part of a day wondering why i was at school if i’d crashed my car in the ditch in missouri.

i don’t think i’ve ever had nightmares. i’ve never woken up terrified, i’ve never come awake in a cold sweat wondering what was about to jump out of the shadows. i’ve always had unsettling and vivid dreams. a lot of the time i wake up knowing i dreamt but glad that i cant remember what it was.

when i was little i used to have the kind of dreams where you just float away, i’d go to sleep thinking ‘i’ll float up and out and around tonight’ and i would. i remember smiling during those dreams. i remember waking up it felt like i had fallen right out of the sky and bounced on my bed. and then they stopped. sometimes i think those were the best ones I’ve ever had and won’t ever have one like that again.

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