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there is no spoon

you know when people say ‘when life gives lemons, make lemonade’? what if you don’t like lemonade? what if someone finds lemons so horribly sour that anything containing them can’t be consumed, no matter what form it takes? how do you pacify those people? because really, now all you’ve done is let them turn around and say something like “when life gives you lemons, fucking throw them at people.” and you know what, i bet that would have way more visible effect than making lemonade. its true, think about it. when you were a kid and you set up your lemonade stand, how many people came by and bought some for a quarter? now how many came by who weren’t asked by your mom because no one had stopped by yet? so, we can deduce that the creation of lemonade out of the lemons that one has been given yields poor results. now, take those lemons and hurl them at people and what do you get? way more instant results and a much more poignant way of letting people know that you are disatissfied with both having been given lemons and the fact that no one came to buy your fucking lemonade.

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