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oh em gee a giant hand coming down from the above to make a claw shape or a cupping shape or a clawlike cup shape with which to make a claw shape at the camera! yeah i dunno.


k, so chad decided to fucking poison us all last night by getting gas. try to remember the worst fart you’ve ever smelled. trust me when i say that’s not the worst fart you COULD ever smell because you’re probably lucky enough to have never been in proximity to him when he let one rip. seriously, i’d take the bleach smell at ceili’s over the odours that he lets loose any goddamn day.


this is my awesome five pin bowling form. i have no idea if it’s right or not. i managed two strikes. there were some big lebowski references, it was good times. see, now i have that song stuck in my head. you know the one, the la la la la la la la la la la la la la one. MARK IT ZERO!


avoiding broken ankles.


i gotta remember to check the emails my profs send out about when time’s for class meetings change. i got here expecting it to start at 10, but it doesnt start til 10:30. whatevs.

the other day danielle and i were talking about whether or not we’d go a little OMG cause raymi and fil were here. cause it is kind of like meeting blogging royalty. i think it’s more like one of those things where you dont really know what to expect for reals even though you read their blogs all the time so you kind of dial down the omg factor in your own head cause that way you dont a)say something stupid, b)…i can’t come up with a second thing cause im still waking up a bit. anyway, they’re cool people and im glad that i finally had the chance to add them to the ‘cool people i have met because i spend so much time online’ list of people.

kevin smith is tonight.

just in case you forgot. kevin smith. i am going to see him speak. tonight. live. in real life. kevin smith. now you remember.

right, time to go find this random room that this meeting is supposed to be in cause apparently we can’t just use our empty regular classroom for it?

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  1. i will let the kevin smith thing go because you idolize me. hopefully we can catch you again (smelly included) before we leave.

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