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my mom asks me if i’d ever sell my pictures. i tried at the opening of my photo exhibit, but since about eight people showed up that i managed to sell one. the truth is, i wouldn’t even know how. i mean, yeah if i could figure out how to turn playing around in lightroom and photoshop for five minutes into a revenue stream i’d probably try. i’ve usually just sent random ones to different people. i sent my family a few. most of them i send to christina to put on her wall and tell people they’re from some obscure famous artist.

i think i have a hesitation to because inevitably someone’s going to ask ‘what does it mean?’ when i dont know really, i have no idea. it’s strange to think that an odd assortment of hues and lines can feel so out of place, and then you move something just a bit and you stop because that’s where it’s supposed to go. i dont know why it goes there, and i dont know what it means, it just goes there. i spend more time making weird things with lines in them than i normally do editing an actual photo.

so i dunno. im not really going anywhere with this. i’ve felt kind of stumped this afternoon after the whole ‘shit im finished’ revelation. i managed to apply for some more jobs at least.

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