yellow postits

i’m not really a fan of big dogs. in fact, I’m probably more of a cat person, but i’m leaning back towards small dogs. not the annoying little yappy kind though. a little one with character. and of course one that’s awesome and makes people want to stop and pet it.

so in a roundabout way, this boils down to my List Of Things To Aim For In 5 Years Or Under.

-  a job. duh.

– a D700.

– No more Student Debt

– Benelli Supernova Pump or a Ruger SR9


actually, now that i look at this list, i’d say the student debt and the pub are kind of on top at the moment.

3 Thoughts.

  1. Ok so Dario is getting married in May of 2010 and then he will get his German Shepard and then we will be moving in early 2011 and we will get our Beagle and then that gives you enough time to get your Pug!!!

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