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so, i figure it’s unlikely that the laser tag or paint ball suggestion will actually happen, so i’m defaulting to the Cambie next friday cause it’s always good times. come if you can, if you can’t no biggie, i’ll be 25 for a whole year so i’m sure at some point people will be around.

i got an early birthday prez from my sister in the form of a super awesome shirt and sweater from Buffalo. and then we hit up the aquarium and found out there are seven lizards in the tropical zone and a mystery hermit crab that no one ever sees.

aquarium pics here.

and of course some shopping on Robson had to be done cause my sister likes to shop. except that today she didn’t buy anything at all. so because she didn’t buy anything i bought a pair of jeans from the republic of bananas and a shirt i guess. hah, see how clever i was there? i suggested the solution to her not having found anything to buy would be to purchase a pair of Hugo Boss shoes that looked really cool and I would wear them for her cause obv they were men’s shoes. didn’t fly. i’m hoping i can find them in vegas.

every time i buy something now i keep converting the price into Taka and then i feel guilty about buying it because the conversion is so insanely high. and then my mind usually wanders off for a bit wishing i could go back to Dhaka. i think if you’ve been there and enjoyed it, you’d understand this. if you’ve never been and wonder why i’d want to go back to a developing country then there’s no way you’d understand that.

also took my sister to meet chad and danielle partly cause i wanted her to meet them and partly cause i wanted to see how danielle was doing with a hole in her neck. good on both accounts.

i have to go pick up the rest of my grant money after my defense on monday. it’s going in the 700 Fund. what is the 700 Fund you may ask? This is the 700, and the Fund shall accumulate to pay for it. could be a tough call once the Fund is complete though considering it’ll be pretty much the same amount for that ’78 Les Paul Custom BB i played last week.

i should probably find a job to help with this hey?

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  1. Friday! Why not Saturday… Both days are good for me, but Saturday is made for rockin’, boozin’, hockeyin’ and Cambiein.

  2. agreed on the saturday business. That way no one has worked that day and won’t be done for by the time 10pm rolls around. Friday works too, Saturday is just better to stay up late I suppose

  3. has to be friday cause my parents are getting to town during the day on friday and i’ll have familial stuff to do on saturday.

  4. sooo… because you’ve got stuff to do saturDAY you can’t go out SaturNIGHT?? okay that works. See you friday, let us know of the time

  5. Hey I like your new place. Did you have to pay for the neato template stuff too? Im at a crossroads with wordpress. I love all their features but I dont like the idea of having to pay to have a nice template. Im a stickler for customizing.

    Oh and I am going to see if I can make it Fri. If I dont Happy Birthday!!!

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