they’re just looking for glory

im watching Mantracker and applying for a bunch of jobs. my sister is going to sleep already cause she has to get up at 6 tomorrow to go write this nursing exam thing. i guess that means im getting up early too cause i have to get her there…

apparently a bunch of my pictures fell down at HC yesterday so Ops took the whole display down so while she’s writing her exam tomorrow im gonna go take them all out of the frames. the’ve been up for way longer than i thought they would be.

we wandered around Granville Island today and picked up some tortellini and tomato and boconcini salad for dinner and it was pretty much delish. and we wandered around Meterotown. except im not buying anything for a while cause why spend money now when i can buy stuff in Vegas in a month? and dont start on exchange rates. THEY HAVE A CONVERSE OUTLET STORE THERE. is there one of those in Vancouver? didnt think so.


i got nuthin.


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