buried in the earth cause we can’t beat gravity

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i don’t generally edit my photos that much. i rarely shoot in raw and the only time i really ever tweak colours is if i’m making an HDR shot. sometimes i think i could make them look better if i actually sat down and spent some time on them, but then i think that takes effort and seeing as how i already put the effort into taking them in the first place i’ll meet myself at the halfway point.

like giving yourself a pound instead of a high five.

the oddity of the day was definitely the woman in the bright blue housecoat and sorel winter boots who only had her underwear and bra on under that and was chiling on a log. i figure she was an eccentric billionaire.

i slept funny last night and i woke up with a huge kink in my neck and it made working today a pain in the ass because i’ve had a headache all day from it. so i decided to work on my briefing paper assignment for my IS class instead of the thesis cause 1500 words seems like something you can pound out while you’re silently cursing your physiology.

i think tomorrow i’ll head down to the Mojave show.

wednesday Le Crew is going to a Giants game.

and somewhere in there i’ll finish and submit my second draft.

my landlady brought me down an immense plate of lasagna. awesome landlords five!

2 Thoughts.

  1. 2nd from the top I love. I want a copy of it actually… So when there is a house to decorate, I am hunting you down!

  2. Only when I see your photos like this do I feel a momentary tinge of regret for not moving to Vancouver.

    But then I remember that I lost the job that was going to move me there and that they were hosers anyway.

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