cueballs and pointy sticks

i don’t often wax politikal on here as much as I used to but this morning when i saw that Harper has suddenly decided to try and get fucking Mike Duffy into the Senate

what a fucking joke.

I realize that hypocrisy is an integral part of politics, but for Harper to suddenly do a 180 on his dislike for nominated Senators over elected ones just to try and get an edge in on the Liberals is a pretty weak tactic. If you’ve built up a reputation as the leader of a party dead set on bringing in elected Senators and then pull this shit just because you can’t get your way, I’m pretty sure you’ve just compromised a large part of your partisan values.

What’s more annoying about this is the fact that he’s doing it after he himself asked the GG to prorogue Parliament. I’m pretty sure that Steve-o should be using the time before the House resumes to, oh I don’t know, try and fix some more immediate problems than jockeying for position in the other Chamber.

It’s not like 18 Tory Senators is going to make that much difference anyway. They aren’t going to control the majority of the Senate, and there are still more left-leaning party affiliations in there than Tory friendly ones.

To me, this is the equivalent of Harper throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that he hasn’t managed to win a majority. and not even a little kid temper tantrum. no. an angsty, whiny, ‘i-hate-my-parents’ 16 year old one.

you know what’s more fun than reading the actual articles on CBC? the comments. mostly because people can’t spell. like people who say that Harper has done a good job and should be made our SUPREAM LIDER!

yeah, you keep up that spirit buddy.

going to see Day the Earth Stood Still later.

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