somebody order some exploding pants?

for all intents and purposes i’m done the semester. i have to hand in my last paper tomorrow and that’s it. tomorrow night is also our program christmas party which i kind of deleted the email about so im not entirely sure when things are supposed to start. apparently it’s somewhere in stanley park.
actually, while the semester is over, i guess it doesn’t really count anyway. seeing as how i get to spend the next month and a half in rooms and libraries and desks and chairs writing, writing, still writing, there’s no real definitive end to anything.
now i have to convince myself not to drop the ball on this and figure ‘i have time to take a break’. i mean, yeah, i do need a break after the semester. it hasn’t been the easiest four months of university i’ve ever had.
i keep having little flashbacks to Dhaka. i overheard some of the first years talking about it the other day, cause JR is trying to recruit a few more to go next year. for a minute i felt like running down to his office and asking to go again.
i think im going to try to keep this week low key. ok, well, this week insofar as to not include monday or friday or saturday. any day in between can be low key.
friday will be the first time i’ve ever gone to another city for a concert. everett and i are hopping on the ferry at some point in the morning and chilling out in Victoria before jumping and yelling and screaming and generally having a blast at NIN. im hoping they dont check for cameras cause i’d like to bring my panasonic in. i can fit it in side pockets in my concert pants. yes, i have concert shorts, they happen to be the same ones i use to go hiking in, so they’re long and camo and have pockets on the side. and most important, zippered pockets so as not to lose anything.
i also have to remember to go to the SFU computer store and buy a license for SPSS so i can actually analyze my survey data.
im meeting with my supervisor on tuesday afternoon to find out exactly what the fuck is going on in my head plan wise for this thing. i need to be sure that im totally not going to shit the bed while writing it. that would be bad. bad bad bad.
btw, i hate SPSS. i should have seen this coming. i designed an open-ended survey to collect qualitative data so as to minimize stats work, but basically created qualitative questions that could be measured quantitatively. i have no idea why i never thought i’d have to do stats work when i was super pleased with the fact that i’d done that.
i think i’ll step away from thesis work a bit this week to go through the pictures i need to sift through for the photo exhibit in january. i have to do write ups for each one. i also changed the day for that to the 16th. in any case, invites are going out so people will know anyway.
i have this weird thing i do when i live somewhere that after a certain amount of time i desperately feel the need to move things around to a new layout. given that my room is pretty small and the bed basically fits in one way, this has been driving me absolutely nuts. im thinking i’ll have to default to the living room, but even then there’s only so much that can be moved. lately i’ve found myself wondering if i’ll stay in this place if i manage to find a job in town. this place basically screams male student. but it’s cheap, it’s bright, and close to transit. also, i dont think i could live in the west end, and i saw that Cascadia mega earthquake show on discovery channel again the other night that first birthed my paranoia of living downtown in Vancouver. well, maybe not paranoia, but creeped out enough to never want to live in a tall building on anything except solid bedrock far enough from the water to not have to worry about a tsunami.
where was i going with this? i dont remember.
my landlord put a giant christmas cactus down here in front of the window. it’s huge. it’s like whoopi goldberg had hair made of plant and planted it and put it in my living room.
i went to see Transporter 3. it was ok. not great, but it’s still good to just let your brain mush out to awesome cars and fight scenes. the plot was probably the worst part, but the saving grace to those movies is always the fact that cars, chicks and fights take your mind off it.

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