Captain Tripps

those guys weren’t actually doing parkour, they were jumping off heating vents three feet high with one of them taking pictures to make it look like they really were. and they did more posing on the edge of the roof of Shrum than they did any real running around and jumping off things. i’d like to learn to do parkour but seeing as how my leg is still giving me grief after i strained something in it in october, that might be a ways off. were i to learn it, i’m pretty sure i wouldnt have the presence of mind to take pictures of me posing trying to look like i know what im doing over actually doing it to make sure i know what im doing. know what i mean? besides, action shots of that would be way cooler than just sitting on a roof and getting a backlit shot.

i am so not impressed with the speed of the internet at my place now. it took me four hours to upload 30 pictures.

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