what do you mean your pants don’t pull up?

so i haven’t used facebook pictures on here for a while so i had no idea they turned out this large when you poast them. meh.

btw, that grey fedora i have totally fucking rocks with my grey two-button suit. spectacularly. except i don’t have any pictures of it on my own so i’ll have to wait and see if anyone else does.
fyi, leaving your camera sitting on the table while you aren’t there and myself and dario are there will most likely result in us stealing it and taking obligatory stupid pictures that we hope you won’t notice until much later but wouldnt care if you noticed right away cause it’s still funny that way.

go see Zack and Miri Make a Porno cause it’s awesome.

i kept thinking the time change was supposed to happen tonight, as in between sunday and monday, but then it was pointed out to me that that makes no sense cause it would make more sense to do it between saturday and sunday. this is why i say that time travel exists. we do it every year. just like that. no super machines. just roll back the clock and there you have it.

this week i’m going to blitz my social policy paper. and pick what class i want next semester cause I only have to take one. sweeeet. then next week im going to blitz my Cities paper. and that’s pretty much it for the semester except for a social policy final.

we’re trying to get Dario to not shave or cut his hair for six months and then he’ll look like a terrorist.

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