there were two girls on teh skytrain who lthought it was sutpid that chad phoned my phone to leave avoicelmails while i was sitting right in front of him telling him to fuck off cause i had my phone in my hand ready to asnwer but he was like no let it go to voicemail and then proceeded to leave a long fucking voicemail about whatever. i will record it and put it up maybe, i don tknow.
ok. ok, here’s the thing, ok, when you go out to a bar and you drink and you ding..or sing not ding you know, you should always keep in mind that you re totally not as good sat singing when youre dinrking than when youre not drinkgin acause if you like tape that shit and listen later you’re otnyl going to realize tha and then youre all ;oh no! i cant keep a tune whiel i srink
1 oh no!” and you do it in a british accent to make it sound worse. yeah. i know right?
i think i will not do much wor tomorrow cause i have odne lits of it this week and i want a break or mayeb ill do a bit but not much i dont know.
wtf Camib why were you playing shitting fucking music tonight and overrun by greasy motherfuking hondurans who were crampign ryan’s birthday? i also lost in a big way to dario in dibs. like not even funny. like so bad it was shameful. he was up close to twenty within five minutes of us ther. it was a poor game from my end. the worse loss this team has ever sudffered in a high stakes game of dissb.s
also duane was there and that was cool cause duane is a cool guy and we were all like ‘danielle you saw him? let’s go get him!” dso then chad did. and i think there were iphone pictures. and talk about twietter. and then it was go time. and now i am home. and typing poorly.

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