something funny i forgot

technically my thanksgiving meal is spaghetti if you want to count that today’s meal is officially supposed to by turkey night. but we had that on friday, so tonight it’s spag.
we never fired a shot today. none. we also got the first ‘no’ from a farmer in probably five years about going into a field. you gotta wonder how they’re going to recoup the revenue they lose in grain eaten by birds when we could clear them out in thirty seconds…
we also got lost somehow. yeah, we’re driving south (we think) and all of a sudden we’re off the map and way way north of the highway we wanted and then somehow got lost on our way back to the highway we wanted and then thought we were on the highway we wanted and found out we were still lost on the way to the highway we wanted… yeah, we’re not sure either.
i still have a cold, i have a semi gimped leg, we’ve been skunked two days so far this season and i got fuck all for work done cause i spent all day yesterday in bed trying to feel less sick.
tomorrow we’re going fossil hunting instead. not guaranteed to find something, but it’s probably going to have a better outcome than the geese…

ok, tomorrow you vote. quick note on voting pour vous. everyone says that if you don’t think the person you want to get in will get in you should vote strategically and that if you dont vote strategically then you waste your vote.

fuck you, go vote somewhere else.

the concept of strategic voting pisses me off more than most things. the fact that people tell you that you have to vote a certain way to prevent a certain outcome is bullshit. this is MY fucking vote not YOUR fucking vote so I’ll vote however i fucking well please. if people tell me they’re voting strategcally, i have a hard time not telling them i want to slap them in the face. the point of a democracy such as ours is to enable the population to cast a vote for who they think is best suited to represent them. obviously if you don’t cast your vote for the person who you think is best suited to do that in order to block someone else being elected, you’ve become a traitor to your own ballot. personally, i think strategic voting should be outlawed because it devalues the concept of a democracy and it devalues your own vote. hi people we live in a multiparty system, so fucking duh, there’s a pretty good chance the person you vote for won’t be elected but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for them. if you vote strategically you suck.
secondly, if you tell me that you don’t want to vote for a certain party because you don’t want to vote for the leader, then i will ask you “do you live in the leader’s riding? no? then you aren’t voting for the leader so fuck off” leaders don’t set party policies, party policy makers set party policies. leaders are a face in the crowd. you don’t cast a vote for a person, you cast a vote for what policies you think are best suited for you.
now put this and not voting strategically together, and you’ve got the actual fundamentals of a democracy down.
ignore them, and you’re a fucking tool who’s spent too much time listening to the analysts on CTV and probably CNN.

so go vote for who you WANT to vote for tomorrow not who people say you SHOULD vote for.

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