through the eats

looks like the wireless at YVR is getting better. last time i had about 3/4 signal now it’s full.

the line through security is massive, but thats ok cause i have an hour to get through it.

the whole food court place outside of security is under renovation or something. either that or it’s a giant quarantine procedure that no one knows about.


im hoping the west jet people dont give me guff about two carry on bags.

for lack of something better to do i will now go stand in line at security.

see you in 9 days rainy west coat.


i fail to see how doing EVERYTHING that security asks you to do in EXACTLY the way they tell you WITHOUT question and a smile on your face means that out of the 100 people in line IM the one they pull aside and fucking send everything back through the goddamn xray machine. what about the guy who tried to get a litre of fucking soy sauce through? or the women who “oh, well, yes i have some shampoo and this and that…” OR THE DIRTY HIPPIE GUY WHO’S DRESSED IN ALMOST RAGS. FUCK.

and at the risk of sounding like a complete douche nozzle, and i realize that as Canadians we’re all happy about multiculturalism, but I’d think that having security people who can understandably speak EITHER OFFICIAL LANGUAGE would be nice.

airports fucking suck. flying is cool, but airports fucking suck.

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