random factoid: in two years, there has yet to be a functioning stapler in a computer lab used by 60 grad students… there are also more computers in the room running Windows 2000 than there are XP.
i totally forgot to mention about the session we had last week with the woman from the library who evidently is the last person we have to deal with before we submit our finished thesis. we were told it would be a helpful session about templates and hints on how to save time in Word.
what we weren’t told was that this apparently first takes about ten minutes of being completely derided leaving most of us looking around wondering “what exactly have we done to this woman we have never met before to make her hate us?”
about half our class uses Macs. she spent all of about 30 seconds going over stuff for Mac users because apparently ‘we’re afraid to abandon our pretty little machines and never want to touch a PC if it looks like we have to transfer files.”
im pretty sure everyone in the class who uses a Mac isnt a fucking dunce and knows how to use both and maybe you should try a different tactic other than “if i insult you, i help you.”

i have to go to GoldenAge and check on my comics…

also, Shaz pointed THIS AWESOME RENDITION out. you bet your ass i sang it out loud to the tune of the real one. and because it’s THAT awesome, here it is again for the umpteenth time on here. NOW SING ALONG.

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