eighteen pounds to the frame

im going to wake up tomorrow and my body is going to be like ‘DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME!” and I know this because it’s asked me this several times today, the first of which was probably somewhere between the second and third peaks of The Chief. and then after that was when Dario started to run down the goddamn path on the way down and of course it looked kind of fun so I also ran slash jogged down and only just about took a header into a rock slash tree four or five or six times…
so all the hiking guides say that you get awesome views from the top, which I don’t doubt that you would, but considering we were on the trail by 8am and it was foggy and cloudy that didn’t really happen. but that’s ok because it was pretty much like hiking through a slasher flick for a few hours.
actually, we managed all three peaks in two and a half hours. not too shabby. and then an hour down of i-cant-feel-my-body running/joggin/jumping/slipping/waling/stumbling/crawling back down.
i know that everyone likes to crest a peak and be able to look out at a spectacular view, but there’s something even beter i think about coming to the top and being completely envelopped by clouds and fog and only being able to see twenty feet. it’s kind of like being on a big rock poking out of nothing and youre not sure what’s around you but you dont really care because it’s awesome. so here’s the deal, i enjoy going hiking in the fog and clouds when harldy anyone else is around at all and being able to chill out on the top with a few buddies and just sit there without having to watch out for other people or listen to kids or whatever, so plz everyone go hiking much later in the day so as not to bust through the fog with all that. kthxbai.

we passed a church with a marquee that said “Jesus Christ: Deal or No Deal”

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