armed with meatballs

Earls is eye candy. it is. at least for guys it is. seriously, you walk in to an Earl’s restaurant and what’s the first thing you see? three chicks, guaranteed at least two will be in some kind of solid black dress and heels and one in a white top, are right in the front doors. from then, it’s basically a procession of short skirts, heels and big boobs by your table. two questions: 1) how are you supposed to focus on your meal when every two seconds it’s like ‘pardon me while i lean over your table’, 2) i forget the next question because i was distracted by the first one.
my fellow Oilers compatriot (who kindly provided dinner) and i were sitting right by the door to the kitchen where all the waitresses come out of. it was like an endless door of awesome. this is why multitasking is good; hold grille chicken and baked brie on ciabatta to mouth with hands, consume, examine upper back tattoo. take bite, examine lower ankle tattoo. chew, examine dress…skirt…really big tshirt that serves as a dress…? bite, examine non-existant upper chest tattoo…


come on, i sacrificed small tops and short shorts for four months, gimme a break.

i remember years ago when Earls wasn’t that good of a restaurant and then suddenly, they clued in to the fact that big tits, black dresses and heels probably dont appeal to the female customer base but whatever. it’s the kind of place where i can honestly say i like the restaurant and not only for the food. not really the atmosphere either, which i find a little to ‘head up it’s own ass’ sometimes, but not always. no. i like earls cause it’s like a free tit parade. and you can’t say that’s sexist or whatever cause you’ve seen the girls who work there and they’re obviously very much aware that perhaps the dress they wore to work that night has pushed the cleavage into the ‘near spillage zone’. it’s like earl’s is the palce where they go if they were rejected from the strip club. maybe. tradeoff?

what’s my point?

i’m not entirely sure. you can sum it up thusly; earl’s has good food. earl’s has good tits. i am just a regular guy who likes good food and tits.

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go chow down on a totally delicious strawberry-oreo Blizzard. or Strawboreo if you like.

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