i still dig Slipknot. i do. they’re new album is pretty fucking good. i’d still put Subliminal Verses as the top album but i’d say All Hope is Gone is right up there with it. i’ve got lots of music that i have for different moods but there are few bands that i can listen to regardless if i feel like shit or im havinga great day. pre-exam psyche up music; slipknot. random walk around the neighbourhood trying to chill my brain out if i’m hit a downer music; slipknot. works either way. it’s not everyday music for me any more, but it still works when i need it.
plus they always have songs with key lyrics that you kind of latch on to. ever since i got back last week i’ve been in this weird mindset about not being super sure as to what’s going on or what i really want to do. i was listening to Sulfur and one of the lines is “You don’t always know where you stand ’til you know that you won’t run away”. it seemed kind of relevant to how ive been feeling lately.
on a related note, while i was cleaning my room up the other day and throwing out random shit i dont need or havent used in a long time, i ended up tossing out my slipknot costume that i made for the concert. i felt a little bad about it, but it’s served it purpose.
sometimes, as much as you want to hold on to something, once you take another look at it after a while you kind of realize that it’s maybe not as essential as you thought it might be.

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