everday essential hangers

wide angle lenses are fucking rad. especially when you use them for close up shots of things and you get that kind of warped feeling to the picture.
i had what amounted to the shittiest sleep in the last four months last night. I had to spend most of the day running around doing stuff so i never really had a chance to just veg out and relax. i had to run up to SFU this morning to get some loan stuff out of the way so hopefully the government decides to give me some more money so i can eat as well as go to class. i mean, i could try to subsist off Tim Horton’s gift cards, but I don’t think you get your daily nutritional requirements that way.
i filled up a big garbage bag full of clothes i dont need and now i have to see if my landlord can take them to the goodwill.
since ive gotten back it seems like the last four months were kind of some strange dream. it’s weird. it doesn’t feel like i was there, but then there’s this huge four month gap where my head is like, wll where the hell were you then? and i’ll walk around and see things that everyone just thinks are normal but now they just seem completely unecessary to me.
i also decided that most people who spend their time in metrotown are a complete waste of space who don’t contribute anything except stupidity and ignorance about the world around them. im pretty sure that, much like the rows upon rows upon rows of shit you see in a store like sears that you could without half of, much the same could be said for a lot of people. if your contribution to the world consists of wearing your hat sideways and tugging up your baggy clothes while you prance around in front of the Burger King in the food court, fucking go home and leave the rest of the world alone so it doesn’t have to deal with your idiocy.
i saw some trailer trash bitch at superstore the other day eating candy out of the bulk bins and i felt like going over to her and smacking her upside the head and screaming that it’s a good thing she lives in a society that doesnt care if you take one piece of candy from the bin cause that way you have no fucking idea of what kind of trouble a lot of people in the world have to go through to even be able to afford a small handful of what you just felt like taking without justification.
maybe im having a little more trouble readjusting than i thought…

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