mud like jelly

did two hospitals today. put out another 40 surveys, got some back from the second place, fluked out on meeting a US doctor I’d emailed previously, found a decent copy of The Dark Knight, found a wide angle lens for cheap, picked up some new strings and found the user manual to my AC unit finally.
productive days are roxom.
i think the tuner for my low E string is fucked. it’ll tune down, but not up…could be a bad sign, no?
today is friendship day in Bangladesh. i got one random text about it, and the guy at the tailor shop who I always talk to got me a friendship day coffee. and then i bought a shirt from him. isnt friendship day nice?
one of my students keeps telling me about this Bangladeshi band called ArtCell, so I picked up two of their cds today and they’re pretty damn good. cant understand a word of it…well, ok, maybe the words that i’ve leanred i can, but not any of the others, but still, it’s good music.
i need to buy another suitcase…
also, i found a Citizen watch that Im probably going to pick up for dressing up times which is good cause it’s cheap here. or if i can find a seiko kinetic for cheap thatd be cool.
tea time now.

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