they beam things into your head

jesus christ on fucking crutches what a fucking gong show it was last night…

but let’s not get to that right away.

first let’s all go back up and ooh and ahh over the awesome Suit #3 otherwise known as The Barnacle.

i know, i know.

ok, now let’s get back to the subject at hand.

on top of the fever, cough, plugged sinus, and body aches this weekend, last night the bottom of the door to my bathroom decided that they’d leach water all over my bedroom floor while i was upstairs having dinner. this resulted in a half dazed mad dash to pick everything up off the floor before anything could be damaged. then i was going to head upstairs to tell the In Charge about it when i stepped in a puddle by the front door. but the more i regarded this puddle the more it turned into a lake that found its origins at the point in the wall directly behind the leaking faucet in my bathroom. this pissed me off because 1)how do you miss that the first time, and 2)i just wanted to go to sleep and now our second floor flat is fucking flooding.

oh, and somehow with all the doors and windows shut and mosquito vapourizers on they’re still goddamn everywhere in here.

i really dont feel like teaching for four hours tomorrow… schmrah.

however i did do laundry today and that’s always happy.

and there’s The Barnacle which is just awesome. i need a thin tie to go with it now.

my AC is set at 27 and it feels cold.

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